The popularity, availability, and changes in social and moral values have made birth control much more easily accessible to girls and women. We no longer live in a world where birth control is a stigma for women who use it and synonymous with promiscuity. In fact, women (even young starting their periods girls) are using birth control to control PMS, acne, bloating, and many other uses not related to pregnancy prevention. One of the most popular and used of these is the Yaz pill.

Aggressive marketing contributed to the popularity of Yazmin and Yaz. The birth control found its way into top women’s magazines, pop culture, and celebrities. It was touted as a miracle drug for premenstrual symptoms (PMS) and its popularity exploded to over 80 million women. Like designer purses and Jimmy Choos, celebrities were seen embracing and discussing the use of this popular contraceptive as this rather irreverent Tweet from September of 2012 by young songstress Katy Perry illustrates:

In 2011, a year before Perry’s tweet, Yaz rose to fame becoming the fourth most popular birth control pill on the market. And these “designer” birth control drugs were marketed to women for a variety of uses including prevention of pregnancies, improvement of irregular menstrual cycles, help with bloating, and to reduce severe acne. Although the FDA was aware of increases in deaths from blood clots, and new studies indicated that the dangers from serious blood clots could lead to death, the drug continued on the market.

By 2012, 50 women had died and their families were suing the pharmaceutical company Bayer alleging their deaths were caused by Yaz. Since then, the FDA has issued a recall of Yaz. But, there were no celebrities Tweeting about the FDA recall and the correlation between serious injuries caused to women as a result of using Yaz, such as DVT, blood clots, and death.

That’s why it is imperative for women to share this information with each other, and for communities to proactively educate themselves about harmful drugs they may be taking or have taken in the past, especially when the negative effects have caused harm, serious injury, or death to you or someone in your family.

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