You’ve probably already seen the commercials or read the stories online: Yazmin or Yaz, the popular birth control pill that more than 80 million American women flocked to, is being held responsible for causing harm, serious injury and death to thousands of women. Thousands of women are suing the pharmaceutical Bayer, and thousands more suits are pending.

Over one billion dollars have already been set aside in reserve to deal with the expected lawsuits. Meanwhile the FDA and the pharmaceutical company have been criticized heavily for their actions. The pharma because of alleged and questionable off-label marketing (the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of NY is currently investigating these allegations); and the FDA because rather than pulling Yazmin and Yaz off the market when they learned of serious problems with the drug, instead delegated the decision to another FDA committee many of whose members have questionably close ties to Bayer. It probably does not help matters that during these difficult decisions for the FDA and Bayer, Yazmine and Yaz were so popular that they became the highest grossing drug that Bayer had on the market.

Yet, women who are potentially at risk for mild, moderate or severe negative side effects, or even death are left with more questions than answers. That’s why it is important for women who use birth control to lock on to the news about this bad drug. Further, women who used Yazmin or Yaz should pay special attention to their health and well being; whether they started the drug a year ago, or a week ago.

An Oklahoma mom who had been taking the medication since 2007 did not experience serious side effects right away. This is significant since symptoms of prolonged use of this medication can lead to severe conditions in the future. Brandy Armentrout, wife and mother to a 4 year old daughter, at age 32, was forced to amputate her arm. Even though she went to the hospital as soon as she began experiencing tingling in her arm, it was already too late. Ischaemia caused by blood clots had already set in and she watched as her arm turned black and died. Some experts say that the addition of the synthetic hormone drospirenone, designed to inhibit ovulation, leads to increased and dangerous blood clots.

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Source: Yaz Blood Clots