Recent reports of a recall based in Woburn Massachusetts found are turning out to be more serious that first reported. Initially injectible drugs were found to have contaminants; which prompted recalls of those medications.

New reports now indicate that up to 25 products could be contaminated and these products were distributed all throughout New England and includes 21 states. All sterile compound products manufactured from January 1st to the present have been recalled. Although no injuries from use of contaminated drugs have been reported yet, unidentified filaments and particulates were identified in medicines such as erectile disfunction drugs.

The implications for patients are frightening. No one has yet assessed what the risk to public health could be, however, particulate matter could result in blocked blood vessels, embolisms, and other serious and life threatening conditions.

Pallimed Compounding Pharmacy issued a “voluntary” recall on its website stating:

“To ensure patient safety, Pallimed today (Monday, March 25, 2013) issued a voluntary (sic) recall of certain sterile compound products dispensed since January 1, 2013. The company took this aggressive precautionary recall measure on the basis of information observed during the course of an inspection conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Massachusetts (sic) Board of Registration (sic) in Pharmacy.

Please note that we have no indication that any product made by Pallimed is unsafe or that any recalled product has been contaminated. To date, no injuries or illnesses have been reported. Pallimed is undertaking this aggressive precautionary recall measure in an abundance of caution to ensure patient safety.”

Despite their assertion to protect the interest of their patients, state regulators already had their eye on Pallimed and forced production to stop.

The instant case serves to illustrate how patients taking medications might have to wait for regulators, FDA recalls, or voluntary actions by pharmaceutical companies before they find out they have been taking a dangerous and potentially life threatening drug. Many times, the damage has already been done. And, when injuries do occur it is best to seek legal advice. An experienced product liability and personal injury attorney can determine the best course of action for your family, while you continue doing what you do best – care for your family. The legal professionals at Solberg Stewart Miller in ND or MN are ready to help your family. Call for a free consultation in Fargo, ND at 701.237.3166 or toll free at 877.237.3166.