Tylenol Liver Failure LawsuitHave you been diagnosed with liver failure? Do you take Tylenol prior to your liver failure? If you took Tylenol and have been diagnosed with liver failure you may have a “very significant claim” for compensation against McNeil-PPC, the manufacturer of Tylenol. McNeil-PPC is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. If you or a loved one suffered liver failure after using a Tylenol product, there is still time to join this growing litigation

Over 100 lawsuits have been filed against McNeil-PPC alleging that the drug maker’s popular pain reliever, Tylenol, causes severe liver failure and that McNeil-PPC failed to warn consumers about the dangers. It is expected that hundreds of more cases will be filed in the future.

Tylenol lawsuits are complex so it is important to contact a law firm who has experience in pharmaceutical litigation. In general, the lawsuits allege that Tylenol is defective because it failed to carry adequate warnings; was improperly designed or manufactured; and it was negligently designed and marketed by the manufacturer.

Our firm is investigating potential cases were individuals suffered the following after using Tylenol: 1. Acute Liver Failure, Sudden Liver Failure, Hospitalization Due to Liver Failure, Liver Transplants, or Death.

In addition to simply taking more than the recommended dosage of Tylenol (up to 4g per day) people have been known to be at a higher risk of liver failure if they are malnourished, fasting, or reducing their caloric intake (less than 500 calories per day). Simply having the flu and not being able to properly eat can significantly increase the risk of liver failure when a person takes Tylenol. Another group at high risk are people who take Tylenol and are already taking other prescription drugs that contain acetaminophen because the people simply do not know that their prescriptions contain acetaminophen.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with liver failure and were on Tylenol in the past, you can contact the Solberg Stewart Miller law firm at 1.877.237.3166 (toll free) or 237-3166 (Fargo). You can also contact our firm by sending an email message to tmiller@solberglaw.com for information on Tylenol and liver failure claims. Initial consultations are always free and if you make no recovery you never pay anything for attorney fees or expenses.

We do not and will not represent McNeil-PPC in Tylenol lawsuits or on any other matter. We will represent people in North Dakota and Minnesota injured by Tylenol. We will also work with other attorneys in other states to represent people injured by Tylenol anyplace in the United States. Contact Solberg Stewart Miller today for more information on Tylenol and liver failure claims.