Hits J&J Unit With $4.4M Verdict Over Pelvic Implant

A Georgia federal jury on Thursday hit a Johnson & Johnson unit with a $4.4 million verdict, finding that a defective pelvic mesh implant caused a Florida woman’s recurring infections and incontinence in one of hundreds of cases targeting the company

Mesh surgical products are nothing new. In the mid 1940s they became popular in surgeries involving hernia repairs. So the FDA fast-tracked the new trans vaginal mesh (TVM) or pelvic mesh products without the normal trials required for new products. In 2002 when the TVM was approved the warnings of complications were listed as “rare”. Then in 2011, the FDA corrected itself informing the public that 10 percent of women with the mesh experienced problems within the first year after surgery.

Surgeons can either insert the TVM through the vagina or through an incision in the abdomen. However, although the abdominal incision method has far less complications, it is not the common method used by surgeons. The mesh is reported to shift, erode and cause infections. The manufacturer of the TVM products is now being sued, but they argue that inexperienced surgeons are really to blame.

Meanwhile, for thousands of women across the country the results have been disastrous. One woman’s doctor suggested she get the transvaginal mesh after childbirth left her with incontinence when she laughed or coughed. After the surgery, she described feeling extreme pain like “razors were slicing her organs”. The mesh even cut her partners genitalia during sex. Now, intercourse is out of the question.

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Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/08/pelvic-mesh-lawsuits-surgical_n_2647435.html