ifc filter lawsuitsAn IVC filter (inferior vena cava filter) is a device that surgeons implant in the veins of patients during a surgical procedure to prevent blood clots from entering into a patient’s lungs. The IVC filter device is an alternative to blood thinning medication. An IVC filter has the appearance similar to a coat hanger.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received many reports about IVC filters. These adverse reports state that patients have experienced punctured organs, blood vessels, and filter migration to different parts of the body. In 2010, the FDA released a warning about IVC filters stating that these devices have various risks and should be removed as soon as the risk of blood clot subsides. The IVC filter can break loose and migrate throughout the body causing serious injuries and/or death.

IVC filters are made by C.R. Bard and Cook Group Inc. There are three brands in particular that have been the subject of various lawsuits: the Bard Recovery filter, the Bard G2 filter, and the Bard G2 Express filter.

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