infuse bone graft attorneys north dakotaInfuse Bone Graft Problems

The Infuse bone graft is used in many neck and back surgeries. It consists of liquid bone protein (BMP-2) that promotes bone growth. The BMP-2 is placed inside a small cage that is implanted into the spine. Infuse is a registered trademark of Medtronic, Inc. which has its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The FDA approved Infuse for only one type of spine surgery – anterior approach lumbar fusion—low back fusion performed through the front rather than through the a person’s back. It is not approved by the FDA for posterior approach lumbar fusion surgeries (through the back) and also not approved for surgery on the neck or cervical spine.

Despite its limited authorized use, many patients have received Infuse in off-label uses during surgery on the lumbar or cervical spine.

Recent data suggests that many patients implanted with Infuse had complications and side effects such as excessive bone growth, ectopic bone growth, pain and other problems including formation of cysts, cancer and infertility in men.

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