A 69 year old LA man taking the diabetes medication, Actos, now has bladder cancer. Jack Cooper took the drug for two years, never expecting that instead of improving his health, he was actually putting himself at risk for cancer. Now, he and thousands of others across the country are suing the Japanese pharmaceutical company, Takeda.

Takeda, a Japanese company that won FDA approval for Actos in 1999, had great success with the drug, making it the best selling diabetes drug world-wide. In fact the company is accused of putting the pill and profits before people. Emails going back to 2005 between Takeda executives indicate their concern that regulator correlation to increased cancer risks might force them to list this risk on the label.

In addition, the company faced a whistleblower’s lawsuit alleging that the company underreported or buried data about congestive heart failure that did not result in death or hospitalization, thereby trying to falsely enhance the safety of the drug.

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Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-02-19/takeda-faces-first-trial-over-actos-diabetes-drug-in-l-a-.html