New studies by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration show that women, regardless of their physical makeup are far more likely to experience failure or revision of their hip replacement surgeries. This is significant in light of the recent string of lawsuits stemming from metal-on-metal hip replacement joints that are experiencing high levels of failure.

An CBS investigation into the study which was published in JAMA Internal Medicine this February, is a first step to understanding why women experience worse outcomes in hip replacement surgeries than men. Doctors speculate that the reason women have such different outcomes and why they, on the whole, require more revision and corrective surgeries has to do with their bone structure. Smaller joints could explain part of the problem. But, women also have different pelvic bone structures than men.

The research is expected to save billions of dollars and save thousands of women pain and suffering associated with corrective procedures once the hip replacement has taken place. However, the manufacturer of these medical devices, DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, is still facing a steady stream of litigation for the damages women and men are experiencing post surgery with the metal-on-metal implants including instability, bone breakage, pain and infection.

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