The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently classified the dialysis drugs, Granuflo (and Naturalyte, its liquid version), on their Class I (the FDA’s most serious medical device category) list of recall products. This is the latest Granuflo lawsuit news update: Acute renal failure, usually caused by low blood pressure or diabetes affects about 2 out of every 1,000 people in America.

For those who experience kidney failure treatment via hemodialysis is necessary. During the treatment, blood is removed from the body, harmful elements are removed, and then the blood is returned to the body. The dialyzer machine used to perform this hemodialysis treatment requires a dialysate (a mix of water and chemicals) to perform the medical procedure. A component of treatment requires dialyzer machines to be calibrated to regulate the bicarbonate in the dialysate mixture. THis is because bicarbonate is used to lower the acidity build up in blood.

However, too much bicarbonate can lead to low blood pressure, irregular heart rate and cardiac arrest. In the U.S. some 400,000 people undergo dialysis every week. More than a quarter of those undergoing dialysis have been treated with GranuFlo (or NaturaLyte). In 2010 alone, over 900 people died as a result of treatment with this dialysis medication.

Although the drug has now been recalled, it is unclear how many people have lost their lives or suffered the adverse effects of GranuFlo (or NutraLyte).

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