actos bladder cancer problemsIf you or a loved one took Actos and subsequently were diagnosed with bladder cancer, you may have a substantial claim and be entitled to significant compensation. This is true if you took Actos in North Dakota or in a different state.
Solberg Stewart Miller represents plaintiffs who were on Actos and were subsequently diagnosed with bladder cancer. Actos is a drug used to treat Type II Diabetes Mellitis and it has been on the market since 1999 in the United States. Actos was manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Japan’s largest drug manufacturer, and marketed in the United States by Eli Lilly & Co. Both companies are subject to these lawsuits. Shortly after being introduced in 1999, Actos became one of the best selling drugs on the market.

Recent studies have shown that Actos users have a higher risk of bladder cancer, especially in people who have used the drug for over one year. Actos is still on the market but there are stricter warnings regarding the connection between the drug and bladder cancer. The FDA, in fact, has requested that the manufactures place a black box warning on Actos, which is the FDA’s strictest warning. You should consult with your doctor before you stop taking any drug.

Solberg Stewart Miller represents plaintiffs on a contingent-fee basis, which means that if there is no recovery there will be no fees. Attorney consultations incur no obligation on your part and all initial consultations are free of charge. If Solberg Stewart Miller agrees to accept your case, the attorney fees are based on a percentage of your recovery.
There have been over 1,200 Actos cases filed so far across the United States. Because there have been so many people injured while taking Actos, a special court, called the MDL court, has been established in the Western District of Louisiana. This court is overseeing the discovery issues in this case. The Honorable Rebecca Doherty the judge overseeing the Actos cases in that court.

There are strict time deadlines, called Statutes of Limitations, which must be met in all such cases. If you have an Actos case but do not file and serve your lawsuit before the time deadline you will be forever barred from bringing such a case.

Fortunately, if you took Actos in North Dakota or Minnesota the time deadlines are longer than in some other states. Nevertheless, there are still strict time deadlines in North Dakota and Minnesota, just like other states and if you miss the deadline you cannot pursue your claim. Therefore, if you believe that you or your loved one may have an Actos claim because you took Actos, and now suffer from bladder cancer, you should immediately contact an attorney.

Many people have been affected by the use of Actos. If you or a family member has been injured and now suffer from bladder cancer due to the use of Actos please contact our North Dakota and Minnesota Actos Attorneys today and get the legal protection that you deserve. Call attorney Mike Miller or attorney Todd Miller at 1.877.237.3166 (toll free) or 237.3166 (Fargo) or send an email message to