Accutane attorneysIf you or a loved one took Accutane (acne medication) and subsequently were diagnosed with a bowel disease, such as Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease, you may have a substantial claim.

There are many law firms around the country that are reviewing Accutane cases on behalf of those that have suffered injuries. However, Solberg, Stewart & Miller refer your case and work with attorneys from around the country (“The Accutane Litigation Group”) who have already brought cases against Accutane’s manufacturer, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and been very successful.

The Accutane Litigation Group of attorneys have obtained verdicts of millions of dollars for clients in these cases, and are currently reviewing and accepting cases on behalf of those who have been injured from Accutane.

The Litigation Group’s success in Accutane litigation is pre-eminent; the Group has won every case, the lead attorney in all these case is a member of the Litigation Group. So far, the Litigation Group has 7 Accutane verdicts, all over $1 million and with the most recent verdict being $25 million.

Solberg, Stewart & Miller and the Litigation Group represent plaintiffs on a contingent-fee basis, which means that if there is no recovery there will be no fees. Attorney consultations incur no obligation on your part and all initial consultations are free of charge. If the Litigation Group agrees to accept your case, the attorney fees are 1/3 of your recovery (not 35% or 40%).

Each of the distinguished law firms in the Accutane Litigation Group represent a key role and combined form an effective adversary against the multi-billion-dollar-earning pharmaceutical company, Roche. If you choose to hire Solberg, Stewart & Miller, and your case is accepted, you will be represented by the following firms:

Solberg,Stewart & Miller

Hook & Bolton, P.A.

Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Echsner & Proctor, P.A.

Beggs & Lane

Krupnick, Campbell, Malone, Buser, Slama, Hancock Liberman & McKee

Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A.

Girardi Keese

Levin, Fishbein, Sedran & Berman

Kerrigan, Estess, Rankin, McLeod & Thompson, LLP

Many people have been affected by the use of Accutane. If you or a family member have been injured due to the use of Accutane please contact our Accutane Attorneys today and get the legal protection that you deserve. Call Mike Miller at 1.877.237.3166 (toll free) or 237.3166 (Fargo) or send an email message to

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